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A Note: I (of course) am not responsible for the content of any site listed below.

Lower Merion High School. My home base.

AP Digital Library at Rice University. A resource for AP students that provides links to numerous sites, review exercises and excellent preparatory information

The Chem Team Site. Designed by the chemistry department at Diamond Bar High School, this site has tutorials and sample problems (with answers) for almost any chemistry topic you can name. It also has copies of old National Chemistry Olympiad Tests (also with answers). Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Site. The information here is really above high school level but there are some great images here
Texas Instruments. This site, dedicated to the use of TI graphing calculators in the classroom, has programs to download as well as other information that may be useful. The Death Test Site. Designed by Sam Stake and Ben Jackson as a study aid for the test on multiple equilibria (dubbed the Death Test by students), this site provides tutorials and sample problems.


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FoosChem Blog

Daily (pretty much) updates on what happened in class.

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