Mr. McAfoos

Grading Policy 2000-2001

Lower Merion High School

This policy will be used in Standard Chemistry, Honors Chemistry and AP Chemistry.

1. All tests, quizzes, laboratory activities, and projects will be assigned point values by the instructor.

2. Total points obtained will be divided by the total points possible to determine a final percentage for the quarter.

3. Letter grades will be assigned according to the Lower Merion School District Policy. Specifically as follows:

A = 91.5% or better

B = 82.5% to 91.4%

C = 73.5% to 82.4%

D = 64.5% to 73.4%

F = 64.4% or less

4. The final grade for the course will be determined using the new Lower Merion grading system. Specifically, each quarter will comprise 20% of the final grade, the mid-term exam will be 9% of the final grade and the final exam will be 11% of the final grade.

5. Tests and quizzes will comprise approximately 65% of the quarter grade, while laboratory exercises and other work will comprise the remaining 35%.

6. The AP course will also include two projects, one during the second quarter and the other during the fourth quarter. Both projects will be worth approximately one fourth of the quarter grade.