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Acid Base Chemistry PMP

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1.      Complete the following reactions. For each reaction, label the acids, bases and the conjugate pairs.

a.      nitrous acid and water

b.     ammonia and water

c.      carbonate and water

d.     bisulfate and water (2 different reactions)

e.     ammonium and water

f.      hypochlorous acid and ammonia

g.     hydrobromic acid and carbonate


For the following reactions use MaVa = MbVb

2.     How many milliliters of 0.33M HCl are needed to titrate 90.27 mL of 0.221M LiOH?





3.     What is the concentration of a basic solution is 38.11mL of the base are needed to titrate 100.00 mL of 5.99M nitric acid?





4.     What is the GMM of an acid if 46.9 mL of 0.1 M base solution are needed to titrate 1.06 g of the acid?





5.     What mass of acetic acid (solid) would react completely with 65.28mL of 1.115M sodium hydroxide?