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Factor Label worksheet II

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Answer the questions based on the scenario below.


In a place called Feminine World there are only women and no males of any kind.  In this place, every household is composed of:

1 mother

2 young daughters

3 aunts (without children of their own)

3 cats

1 dog


Each adult female drives her own car.  Each cat eats 1 can of food a day but the dogs need two cans per day.  The daughters all have three different pairs of jeans and 7 tops that they wear.  Each daughter also goes to school and brings with her 2 notebooks and 5 pens.


Each household lives in a house (surprise, surprise) that is covered by a single roof.  Each house has 13 rooms including the 3 bathrooms.


1. How many girl's jeans would you find if you looked in enough homes to see 91 rooms?






2. How many pets would follow you home after such a trip?  (Assume that all possible pets do follow you.)






3. If one aunt from each household on a street that has 42 bathrooms goes shopping for a week's worth of pet food, how many cans of dog food will be purchased.






How many cans of cat food?


4. If you stop at the mall and see 144 cars in the lot how many daughters are in the mall?  (assume that all of the families went together in as many cars as they had available.)









5. You pass by a construction site and see 68 women working on the new building.  Knowing that the family that works together stays together and that child labor is forbidden, how many of the women have children?








6. The CEO of a computer software company wants to hold a picnic in the local park.  The park only allows 1355 pets at a time (it's a big park!), but it counts each dog twice since they make more of a mess.  The park also only has space for 1360 cars (remember that each family always takes as many cars as possible). How many employee's families can she invite?  What is the limiting factor in the invitation?

(HINT: You have to do this one twice and compare answers!!)