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Stoichiometry Worksheet

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Solve the following problems.  Show all work and be sure to include units and check significant figures. In each problem calculate the moles of the first substance, use the balanced equation to get moles of the other substance and then calculate whatever units are needed of that substance.


1. When methane (CH4) burns it forms water and carbon dioxide.  If 16.35g of methane burn, how many grams of water are produced?


2. If 13.00g of barium chloride react with phosphoric acid, how many grams of hydrochloric acid are formed?


3. When 13.5 ml of 6.00 M NaOH react with hydrochloric acid, how many grams of water are produced?


4. If 100.00g of aluminum are allowed to react with 0.10 M HCl, how many ml of the acid are needed for a complete reaction?


5. When 7.152 g of Mg react with 0.450 M HCl, 1.053 g of hydrogen gas are released.  What is the percent yield?


6. How many ml of 4.00 M sodium sulfide are required to form 134.061 g of barium sulfide in a reaction with barium acetate?


7. How many ml of 0.55 M barium acetate are required for the reaction in #6?


8. A 14 g piece of iron is burned in a house fire.  What is the mass and identity of the product?


9. A piece of lithium is dropped into a bucket of water.  If the reaction produces 12.109 g of hydrogen gas, how big was the piece of lithium (in grams)?


10. If the hydrogen in #9 is burned, how many grams of oxygen are required?


11. The Hindenberg comes in to dock at a New Jersey airstrip.  Lightening strikes the ship and it bursts into flames.  If the ship contains 8.000 x 104 kg of hydrogen gas, How much extra water rained down on the crops that week.  (Assume that all of the water came down that week.)


12. How many molecules of potassium are required to replace the sodium in a 4.5 liters of 3.4 M NaCl?


13. A student reacts 3.46 x 1026 molecules of nitrogen gas with magnesium. How many grams of the product will she get?


14. A student fills a balloon with 30.714 g of helium.  How many grams of product can be produced when the gas is lit?