AP Chemistry - Condensed States of Matter Test

For all problems on this test, be sure that your work is clear and that there is ample evidence of your work (as opposed to a calculator’s). The safest way to do that would be to do ALL algebra symbolically first and then (and only then) to begin to insert numbers. For all questions on this test, make your answers brief and complete. Do not worry about grammar (complete sentences, etc.) but do make sure that your answer responds completely and effectively to my question.

  1. Imagine that you are a toy boat floating happily on the surface of a pond. A vindictive child, who happens to be precocious in his knowledge of soaps and wetting agents, dumps some detergent in your pond to make you sink. What happens and why? Make sure that your answer is complete.
  2. A mad scientist invents a compound that dissolves slowly in water. When the aqueous solution of this solid is boiled it releases a gas that makes people become fond of water mammals. Dressed in your secret-agent trench coat, you arrive just as the evil doctor drops a bucket of the solid into the reservoir. It will take at least an hour for your trusty sidekick, Worm Boy, to warn the town of the trouble. What can you do in the interim to stop this nefarious deed and protect the good people from muskrat love? Be sure to give a molecular explanation for why your plan will work. You may imagine any superpowers you deem appropriate (except a stomach large enough to hold an entire reservoir).
  3. The mad scientist, angered over the foiling of his plot, decides to exact his revenge on Worm Boy. He hides in Wormy’s closet with a large shaker of salt and showers him with the white crystals when he is getting dressed in the morning. When you arrive on the scene, worm boy is shriveling fast. Why is he shriveling and what could you do to save him and return him to a life of crime fighting and slime trailing?
  4. Sometime later you are trapped by the evil Heat Miser and are chained above his pit of doom. The Evil HM aims a Bunsen burner at you. You know that you are impervious to heat (having just drunk from the well of eternal coolness) but you are concerned about your costume (especially since if it burns everyone will be able to see the Wonder Woman underwear you have on today). In your fear of skivvy discovery, you wet your pants. Will this help or hurt the Evil HM’s attempt to burn your costume and shame you with eternal embarrassment and why?
  5. Worm Boy’s apprentice, Water Boy—a being entirely made of dihydrogen monoxide, is placed in a sealed container that has been evacuated (a perfect vacuum). How long will it take for all of Water Boy to evaporate? Explain your answer.
  6. Pressure Woman threatens to destroy your band of do-gooders by slowly crushing each individual until they become a solid and can no longer demonstrate the fluid motion that is so characteristic of the great superheroes of chemistry. Which superhero should be sent to stop her, Steel Girl or Water Boy and why?
  7. Sphere Man and Box Guy are collaborating on a new educational initiative that involves the careful packing of perfectly round balls of duct tape. If the balls are placed into a box in a body centered cubic arrangement and each ball has a radius of 38.21 cm and a mass of 5.98 g, what will the density of the packed duct tape be?
  8. Water Boy and Epsom Salts Guy are trapped in a freezer, and Water Boy begins to solidify. Thinking quickly the two heroes merge and form the new hero Saline! If Water Boy weighs 54.3 kg and Epsom Salts Guy is composed of 924.8 g of magnesium sulfate, how cold a freezer can Saline! withstand? (by the way, the freezing point depression constant for water is 1.86oC/m)
  9. What is the mole fraction of each of the two heroes that make up Saline! ?