Standard Chemistry - Acids and Bases Test

Answer 10 of the following questions on separate paper. I will grade only the first 10 answers, all others will be ignored. If you do not want me to grade an answer put a large X through that question.

 1. Ammonia (NH3) is a base. Write the reaction of ammonia with water and label the conjugate pairs.

2. Water is amphoteric. Write the reaction of water with HCl and the reaction of water with nitrate (NO3- a base).

3. What is the Bronsted/Lowry definition of an acid?

4. What is the Arrhenius definition of an acid?

5. Where does acid rain come from?

6. Draw a titration graph. Be sure to label the axes (plural of axis)

7. When 35.0 ml of 0.22M HCl are titrated with NaOH the titration uses 27.9 ml of the base. What is the molarity of the base?

8. What is heartburn?

9. Write the reaction that occurs when HCl reacts with NaOH. Why is the mixture of the two safe?

10. Why does spilling a base on your skin make you feel slippery?

11. What does an indicator do?

12. On the number line below, indicate the pH of pure water, strong bases and strong acids

13. Is your stomach acidic or basic? Why?

14. Imagine that you are watching a movie. Kidnappers are threatening to put the hero in a vat of stuff with a pH of 5, or a vat with a pH of 14. The hero knows that pH 5 is acidic and so chooses instead to be put in the vat of pH 14. Did he make the right choice? Why or why not?

15. Bulimia (binge and purge eating disorder) is not only unhealthy but also damages the voice, and teeth. How does this happen?