Standard Chemistry - Solids, Liquids and Solutions

For each question, make sure that your answer describes (not just labels) the chemical principles involved.

1. Imagine you are trapped in Denver by cannibals who are going to boil you alive. How and why would the experience differ from here in Philadelphia? What could the cannibals do to make the experiences the same?

2. What is soap and how does it disrupt surface tension?

3. What holds a chunk of copper toether and how does that explain the fact that copper can be bent?

4. Imagine that you are in a salt dissolving race. Each contestant gets a pound of salt and a bucket of water. What three things could you do to win the race? Explain how one of those things works chemically. (No you may not do anything to anyone else or their salt).

5. What hold ice together?

6. Needles, which are denser than water, should sink. Why/how can they be made to float?

7. What kind of solid is barium nitrate? What holds it together? Describe the arrangement of the pieces.

8. Why does increasing the pressure on ice cause it to melt?

9. What happens to bacteria that fall into honey and why?

10. Imagine that you live on a planet with mercury oceans. You are the captain of a water tanker (like an oil tanker here, but you carry water). If your ship crashed and the water leaked out, would the spill look like and would it be easier or harder to clean up than an oil spill and why?

11. Why does the temperature of boiling water stay the same?