Standard Chemistry - Electrons in Atoms test

  1. What were the three problems Bohr was trying to solve and how did he solve each of them?
  2. In the space below, draw Bohrís model of the atom.
  3. What were the two problems with Bohrís theory and how did Schrodinger solve them?
  4. How many types of orbitals are on level 4?
  5. How many different f orbitals are there?
  6. How many electrons can fit into each orbital?
  7. How many electrons can fit on level 4 (I want to see how you come up with this number!)
  8. In the space provided, draw the following orbitals.
  9. a) dx2-y2 b) s

    c) pz d) dxy

  10. Write the electron configuration for the following elements and ions.
  1. Ru (#44)
  2. Ar (#18)
  3. Po (#84)
  4. Au (#79)
  5. F-1 (#9)
  6. Ba+2 (#56)
  7. Ru+2 (#44 again)
  8. Ru+3 (still #44)

 10. Which of the ions of Ru (from above) is the more stable and why?