Standard Chemistry - Introductory Material Test

Solve the following problems. Be sure to use correct units and to show all work. No credit will be given for answers without work.

1. How many Mm are in 3.91x10-4 mm?

 2. How many centiliters are in 349.7 microliters?

3. How many micrograms are there in 2.51x10-4 kg?

Use the following information to answer questions 4 and 5.

In the Liwor Marien School District there are 17 elementary schools.

Each school has 3 custodians.

Each custodian drives a car.

Each car has 5 tires (including the spare).

Each school has 6 grades (Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th).

Each grade has three classes.

Each class has two teachers.

Each teacher has 5 arms.

Each arm has 4 fingers.

Each finger has 4 fingernails.

Each fingernail has 2 stripes of nail polish.

4. If you went to enough schools to see 75 tires, how many stripes of nail polish would you see?

5. If you went into enough schools to see 8640 fingernails, how many custodians would you see?

6. A student does the pichnometer lab and obtains the following data:

Mass of empty pichnometer

45.31 g

Mass of pichnometer with water

47.92 g

Mass of pichnometer with Burple Soda

48.66 g

Density of water

0.998 g/ml

What is the density of Burple Soda?

7. A student does the pie plate lab and obtains the following data:

Diameter of the circle

19.8 cm

Mass of substance X in one drop

0.0018 g

Density of X

1.058 g/cm3

What is the thickness of the layer? Remember that the area of a circle is (p r2).

 8. Imagine that I am hiding in the clock tower of Lower Merion High School with a water balloon. I wait until I see Dr. Magill walking out of the door and then drop the balloon. During my immediate and premature retirement, I have time to contemplate the energy of the situation. Where and when did the balloon have kinetic energy, potential energy and both potential and kinetic energy?

9. How can you prove that heat is not matter?

10. How can you prove that air is matter?