Standard Chemistry - Kinetics

  1. What is the ozone hole? Where, when, and how does it develop? Why do we care?
  2. When I burned ethanol in the little dish it burned slowly. When I did it in the big jug it burned very quickly. Why the difference?
  3. What are the two types of catalysts? Give an example of each.
  4. Butane and gasoline are both liquids at room temperature and both burn, but the activation energy of butane is lower. Which reaction will go faster and why?
  5. What is an enzyme, where could you find one, and how does an enzyme work?
  6. Terrorists are hovering in blimps over the two World Trade Center towers in New York City. Each has a huge vat of acid aboard in order to dissolve the buildings. Each wants the process to go as fast as possible. The first terrorist dilutes his acid; the second makes his acid very concentrated. What effect will each have on the rate of the reaction and why? Which terrorist will destroy his building first?
  7. Draw the graph of energy versus time the way we did it in class. Show the activation energy. How would the graph change if the reaction were endothermic? (You could answer this in words or by redrawing the graph)
  8. Draw a graph of number of molecules vs. kinetic energy. Explain, using the graph, why increasing the temperature make a reaction run faster