Standard Chemistry - Stoichiometry Test

Answer each of the following problems. Show all work. No credit will be given for answers without work. Be sure that your answer has the correct units.

1. How many grams of water are produced when 34.99 g of lithium hydroxide react with sulfuric acid?

 2. How many molecules are there in 312 ml of 1.22 M barium phosphate?

3. How many ml of 3.11 M NaCl are formed when 37.00 g of chlorine (Cl2) react with sodium?

4. How many grams of barium nitrite must react with hydrochloric acid to produce 3.116x1022 mc of nitric acid?

5. A sociopathic member of the Save the Snails Coalition places silver nitrate bimbs (like bombs, only they ooze instead of exploding) in all a salt shaker at the local Denny’s Restaurant. The salt shaker contains 94.38 g of sodium chloride. After the oozplosion (an oozing explosion) the fire department discovers 98.35 g of silver chloride. What is the percent yield of the reaction?

6. Permanganate ions react with iron II ions in the following BALANCED equation. Strange as it looks it is correct!

8 H+ + MnO4-1 + 5 Fe+2 ---> 5 Fe+3 + Mn+2 + 4 H2O

If 31.77 ml of 0.445 M permanganate solution reacts, how many g of water will be produced?

7. How many ml of 0.319 M (NH4)2CO3 will react with 6.77 g of calcium acetate?